Topic – Independent Directorship

Industry Overview –

Any Organization in order to function in a seamless manner requires a strong Board of Directors. This Board plays a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring the key management team in terms of strategizing and ensuring the smooth operations for the best interests of all stake holders involved. The Independent Director ensures a transparent working environment for an organization. These Independent Directors form the basis of such Directors who are expected to have unbiased and objective ruling for the proper and smooth functioning of the organization. The appointment of Independent Directors in a company guarantees a balanced structure of the boards.

Independent Directors play a key role in structuring a sturdy foothold of corporate governance in an organization. They bring accountability and credibility to the board process and also strengthen strong practices through risk management.

Theme – “Stepping into the Boardroom”

Stepping into a boardroom can be a daunting experience for all, whether it’s your first time, you aspire to get there one day or even if you’re a seasoned pro. It can be difficult to know what’s expected of you, how you should behave and what the exact protocol to follow is.

Remember, the reality of being in a boardroom is that you’ve already jumped through enough hoops and proved that you deserve to be there. Some people are surprised by the importance that comes with interpersonal relationships in the boardroom. But if you do a little research into the people you’ll be interacting with, mix in a little emotional intelligence and you’ll be even more effective when you walk through the door.